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The Kindle reader is a product of Amazon.   While FREADING does not support the standard Kindle (as opposed to the Kindle fire), there are a number of Internet sites that regularly feature select free Kindle downloads.  These sites will ultimately guide you back to the Amazon site.  You must register with Amazon in order to download from their site. The advantage of downloading from Amazon is that you own any e-book you download.

Use caution with Kindle "freebie" deals as they are often limited to a specific period of time.  Make sure to verify that the regular price is still free ($.00) before downloading.

You do not have to own a Kindle to utilize these resources.  Click HERE to learn how you can utilize Kindle e-books on your computer and other devices.

When utilizing the list below, please be aware that sites not supported by a public library source may include for-profit activities and posts unrelated to free e-book offers.  Their listing below does not constitute any type of endorsement by any library system associated with the Longleaf consortium.

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