Featured Selection: Year of No Sugar by Eve Schaub



Currently providing access to about 22,000 titles from over 100 publishers, Freading is a new e-book service provided by libraries in the Longleaf Library consortium.  New titles are being added regularly.  Patrons can read on their computer or transfer to a portable device.   No waiting lists.   A product of Library Ideas, Freading offers a variety of titles in a wide-range of topics.  Each e-book is assigned a token value of 4, 2, or 1 token.  Each download is available for two weeks, with renewals available.  Users will receive ten tokens each week and can accumulate their unused tokens for four rolling weeks, at which time the account is cleared and starts over with the original ten tokens allotment.  

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Parents are advised to use the same discretion in their child's FREADING use as they would exercise in selecting physical reading materials and for general Internet browsing activities.